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Conquering LSAT Test Anxiety

"Is test anxiety standing in the way of you or your child achieving a top LSAT score? If so, you'll want to sign up for our webinar ASAP.  Here's what you can expect during the free one-hour presentation... Register Now

LSAT 101

  • Join us for an engaging webinar where you'll gain the essential knowledge to secure a top score on the LSAT. Here's what you can expect: Demystifying LSAT Scoring: Understand the intricacies of LSAT scoring and how each section contributes to your final score... Register Now

LSAT Q + A Session

Whether you're actively preparing for the LSAT or simply exploring your options, you're likely to find our LSAT Q + A session extremely helpful. Jordan Schwartz, Green Light Education's Senior LSAT Tutor, will answer any questions you have about the exam, including the overall structure, timing strategies... Register Now

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