Free Diagnostic Exams

Our custom-built diagnostic exams are designed to give you a sense of both your baseline score and potential for improvement on each of the exams we teach.

All of the questions are based on official practice questions from the test-makers themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

All of our diagnostic exams are 100% free! While we certainly hope that you will consider Green Light Education for relevant tutoring following your exam, you are under absolutely no obligation to work with us.

How can I still get accurate results with a shorter exam?
Our clients have repeatedly asked us for shorter diagnostic exams. In order to accomplish this, we keep two considerations in mind during the design process:

  1. The need to project a student's full exam score with a high degree of accuracy.
  2. The importance of providing a similar content composition to the full-length exam.

We achieved #1 by providing score bands in our score reports - essentially several different projections based on our degree of certainty.
We've achieve #2 by ensuring that the content breakdown is as close to that of the full-length exam as possible.

The purpose of any diagnostic exam is to provide a benchmark from which parents and students can make informed decisions about their preparation process, and we believe that our exams do exactly that.
Do you have to take the exam in one sitting?

You do not have to take any of our exams in one sitting - you'll receive an email after you complete each section/module with a link to begin the next section/module. So, in theory you can take as long as you'd like between sections/modules (Note: you cannot pause a section/module in the middle and return to it later).

However, we strongly encourage that you take your exam in one sitting, as this is how you will take the real exam. It's important to consider how fatigue will factor into your exam performance, and taking the exam all at once is the best way to simulate this variable.

How does timing work?

The specific timing for each exam is unique. Please refer to the dedicated page for the exam you're interested in taking for more information.

Each section/module will have a timer at the bottom of the page that provides the remaining time. The section/module will automatically submit if you have not completed it when time expires.

What should I bring to the exam?

We'll provide detailed instructions at the beginning of each of our exams, but we recommend that you bring the following items:

  • A calculator (not necessary for the LSAT)
  • Scrap paper
  • A pencil + eraser
  • A light snack, to be consumed during your break(s)