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Deciding Between the SAT and ACT

Deciding between the SAT and ACT has long been a challenge for students, and the upcoming changes to the SAT have added another layer of complication. Here's what you can expect during our free, 1-hour presentation... Register Now

Developing a SAT/ACT Study Plan

Conquering the ACT is a strategic game, and the challenge of 'decision paralysis' is a common hurdle. Picture this: you make an initial choice, second-guess it, and then switch to a new answer. But excelling on the ACT isn't just about answers; it's about strategic thinking. Register Now

What Does Test Optional Really Mean?

This e-book explores the impact of exercise on managing ACT test anxiety. It covers the benefits of exercise, tips for creating an exercise routine, strategies for staying motivated, and sample workout ideas. Exercise reduces stress, improves cognitive function, enhances focus, boosts mood, and promotes better sleep quality. By incorporating exercise into daily life, students can reduce test anxiety and enhance their ACT performance. Register Now

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