SAT Webinars

Conquering SAT Test Anxiety

Is test anxiety standing in the way of you or your child achieving a top SAT score? If so, you'll want to sign up for our webinar ASAP.  Here's what you can expect during the free one-hour presentation...Register Now

Understanding the New Digital SAT

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the various changes coming to the SAT in Spring 2024. Here's what we'll cover: Comprehensive SAT Changes: Gain insights into the sweeping changes coming to the SAT, including an explanation of the innovative Adaptive Testing methodology... Register Now

Deciding Between the SAT and ACT

Deciding between the SAT and ACT has long been a challenge for students, and the upcoming changes to the SAT have added another layer of complication. Here's what you can expect during our free, 1-hour presentation.... Register Now

Developing a SAT/ACT Study Plan

This e-book explores how mindfulness can help manage ACT test anxiety. It covers the benefits of mindfulness, practical tips for incorporating it into exam preparation, and addressing common challenges. Register Now

What Does Test Optional Really Mean

This e-book explores the powerful impact of adopting a healthy diet on managing test anxiety during ACT preparation. It covers the science behind the relationship between diet and anxiety, practical tips for incorporating nutrient-rich foods, strategies for balanced meals and mindful eating, and the importance of staying hydrated. Register Now

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