Matthew G

Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College

Standardized Test Prep

Matthew's Bio

Matthew G graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College with dual degrees in Government and History. He was accepted to Harvard Law School through Harvard’s Junior Deferral Program and will begin law school in the fall of 2025. He wrote his senior thesis on the relationship between the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment and Founding-era political philosophy.

Matthew enjoyed serving as a peer writing tutor during his senior year of high school at Gann Academy. He has two primary principles of tutoring philosophy. First, he believes it is critical to engage meaningfully with students at the beginning of the tutoring process to ensure he understands how they learn and mentally approach standardized tests. Second, he does not believe in one-track approaches, especially in the context of standardized tests.

Matthew is committed to remaining flexible throughout students’ studying journeys so that students can employ the test-taking methods that best suit their strengths. Matthew is also an avid Detroit Tigers fan, which shows his persistent dedication during challenging times. 

What Matthew Teaches

Entrance Exams: LSAT

Get to Know Matthew

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?

Most people approach academic challenges with certain mental blocks. Some say they can't write; others say they're just not good at math or science. I believe that students feel those blocks and feel them deeply. However, I believe that with the right instruction, students can move past them in most cases. That is what I love about tutoring. I am deeply energized when I am able to give students agency over a subject that before made them feel trapped.

Talk briefly about your tutoring style. How do you like to engage with students?

I place an emphasis on first gaining a deep understanding of students' learning styles and strengths. I then consistently ask students throughout their studying journeys whether what we are doing is effective for them—not whether they are enjoying themselves, but whether they feel that they are growing as thinkers in the relevant area. I believe that this combination of initial engagement and continual reassessment fosters the most generative learning for students.

Tell us about your favorite teacher. What made him or her so special?

Mr. Kadden, my high school history teacher, fueled my intellectual curiosity that has driven me to ask hard questions and wrestle with difficult answers. When I entered his AP U.S. History class in the fall of my junior year, I did not have a meaningful love for learning. I did my work, but I did not gain a lot from working through complex topics. He showed me what it meant to devote myself to my education and dig below the surface level to attain a deep understanding of an issue area. Mr. Kadden also taught me that cursory explanations of complex phenomena are rarely sufficient and should always be interrogated. To never accept an explanation on face value is an intellectual lesson that has consistently undergirded my undergraduate studies and will continue to do so during law school.

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