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Joey Chanin

Senior Academic + Test Prep Tutor

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology

Academic Support
Standardized Test Prep

Joey's Bio

Joey Chanin graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2021 with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. In high school, Joey took 15 AP classes and ranked first in his class at graduation. 

An aspiring consultant, Joey has completed data analytics projects with UPS and Nissan, and helped Coca-Cola redesign its dairy supply chain network as part of his senior design project.

When he’s not tutoring, Joey enjoys endurance sports, traveling (he lived in a van for a month in New Zealand!), playing with Murphy his Golden Corgi, and cheering on (or getting his heart broken by) the Atlanta Falcons. 

What Joey Teaches


AP ExamsAP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics (US), AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based, AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP US History, AP World History: Modern

Science: Physics

MathGeometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Mathematical Logic

EnglishAmerican Literature, World Literature, Creative Writing

Foreign Languages: Spanish

Social Studies: Economics, Psychology, History

Praise For Joey

Get to Know Joey

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?

I love getting to know my students and learning about their interests and aspirations. It's also a rewarding process -- seeing a student gradually gain confidence with a subject and begin to apply it on their own. It gives me so much energy and is something I could do all day.

Talk about a specific time when you helped a student overcome a challenge.

One of my most recent SAT students came to me with a score of 1370 and specifically wanted to improve her math score, which was 650. Over the course of five sessions we improved her math score to 780, scoring 1520 overall. 

I determined early on that her biggest obstacle was time management, so in addition to practicing different varieties of problems, we discussed and applied different time management strategies. 

I also had her keep a math one-pager of all of the concepts she was unfamiliar with -- every time she missed a problem we identified the core concept and made a note on the one-pager for her to review later.

What is your tutoring style? How do you engage with your students?

In the first session I like to be personable with students and learn about them -- their favorite subjects in school, extracurricular activities, and aspirations for college and beyond.

I prefer that a student arrive at an answer themselves rather than me just telling them, so during a session I take a sort of Socratic method and ask questions intended to guide the student to the answer if they are struggling.

If possible, I like to draw pictures, walk students through my thought process in approaching a problem, and find multiple ways of explaining a problem in terms they will understand, ideally drawing connections to other things they've learned.

Talk about your favorite teacher. What made him or her so special?

My favorite teacher was my 10th grade AP World History teacher, Mr. Prill. The genuine excitement he had for history and his enthusiasm for teaching was obvious from day 1, when he stood on his desk and shattered our young worldviews by convincing us that Europe was not, in fact, a continent. He looked like he had just played a game of full court basketball after every lecture, which was often spent with arms waving wildly, making fiery and impassioned speeches or teaching us the song he wrote to help his students learn the names and order of the Chinese dynasties.

He also shared his passion for film with us, offering extra credit assignments to write reports on famous foreign films, and he gave an entire lecture on the parallels between the history of Japanese Imperialism and the movie Mean Girls. He even structured the entire class as a TV show, referring to each unit as a Season and leaving cliffhangers at the end of his lectures. In gratitude, my class published and gifted him our own version of Mao Zedong's little red book, but this one was filled with Mr. Prill's funniest or most inspirational quotes from throughout the year.

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